Focused on providing complex solutions for clients with nothing to offer



As in directing you to contact SiteCrafting. gUncle Development is not for hire. If you have a project that you want gUncle to look at, use the contact us form. But you'll most likely be directed to contact SiteCrafting.


gUncle Development specializes in developing complex web-based applications based on open-source technology. Technologies used include PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, and ImageMagick.


A fancy word that usually means someone that will help you make a decision. That's what it means here too. Except the decision-making expertise is limited to web-based applications. Need someone to tell you what expenses are tax deductible? Find an accountant.


While quite proficient at putting together a user interface based on elements pulled from existing designs, creativity is not a core competency. Want an amazingly creative design for your site or application? Contact SiteCrafting!

What Does gUncle Do?